Day: February 19, 2018

Best houseplant for windowsills

Best plants for indoor windowsills:  The direction in which your window faces will determine how much sunlight it receives. If you’re not sure, use a compass (there should be one on your smart phone).  South facing windows receive the most light, second is west-facing, then east, and finally north which receives the least.  If there are […]

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Best houseplants for low light rooms

Which plants are best for low light or shaded rooms:  All plants need at least some light, so if your chosen spot for them has no light, you should consider plant lights (or you could buy fake plants), but there are some houseplants that will thrive in low light.   If plants don’t get enough light, […]

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Houseplants for your yoga room / meditation space

Best plants for your relaxation / meditation space to make it a Zen Den… After setting up a quiet corner in our home for my yoga and meditation practice, I acquired a few houseplants.  A yoga and meditation space isn’t quite the same without a plant or two (or more!).  I quickly became addicted to buying new […]

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