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Hi and welcome to my website…

I am a complete houseplant addict, I have hundreds of plants; they are everywhere in my home.  I have shelves of them in our living room, I have them perched on our bathroom cabinets, I have them in the kitchen, in the bedrooms, literally every room in our home has plants.  I just love them! 

I am also very lucky to have a conservatory which is filled to the brim with an assortment of plants, I have everything from succulents and cacti, to bonsai to foliage plants.

After killing many a plant (we’ve all done it, right?), I figured out where I went wrong.  My plants are all thriving now and my collection is ever-growing (pardon the pun).  I hope to share some of my secrets for successful indoor gardening. 

Thank you for checking out my houseplant blog 🙂



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