Best mini greenhouses for houseplants

Most people buy a small greenhouse for protecting their outdoor plants from the elements, or for starting off seedlings or fruit/vegetables such as tomato plants etc.  But a small greenhouse can also be great for boosting your houseplants; moving your sun-loving houseplants outdoors during the summer months can really enhance their growth, especially if your home doesn’t naturally have bright rooms (only certain houseplants are suitable though, we’ll look at that later).

You can also use your mini greenhouse to propagate plants; the controlled conditions will increase success rates of both seedlings and cuttings, plus heat and humidity encourages plants into early growth.

A mini greenhouse makes a very attractive display; it looks great set up on your patio or decking, or even on a balcony if you live in an apartment.

Luckily we have lots of choice nowadays; there are loads of mini greenhouses on the market.  Things to consider are your budget, your available space, how many plants you would like it hold, do you need it to be portable?


Lets compare some of the mini greenhouses available….

4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

These are perfect if you don’t have much space; you can lean them against a wall and they don’t take up much room at all.  They are great even for balconies. Set this up in spring/summer time to house your sun-loving houseplants; they will really benefit from the extra light.

As well as using it to boost your houseplants, you can of course use your mini greenhouse to start new plants.  A mini greenhouse will protect seedlings in spring; they are the perfect place to start off new plants.  By summer they should be flourishing.  You can even remove the cover in summer if it gets really hot.  The shelves are removable too so you can grow fruit/vegetables on the bottom and then remove the upper shelves as they grow taller.


I have had various variations of these mini greenhouses over the years and this 4 tiered one was great.  It is simple to put together and very sturdy.  They are very affordable too, so great if you are on a budget or if you are just starting out.

Product description:

Grow a variety of flowers, plants and vegetables is this portable mini greenhouse. Constructed using powder coated steel frames covered with a waterproof PE protector, this mini greenhouse is durable and easy to construct.

The white PE cover allows for maximum sun penetration whilst keeping the plants protected from the elements. It features double stitched seams for maximum durability and has a double zip door that can be rolled up for easy access.

The mini greenhouses four powder coated wire shelves are the perfect place to grow seedlings. To help keep the mini greenhouse secure to the ground it is supplied with high-quality, durable, metal pegs.


  • Dimensions: L69 x W49 x H158cm
  • Fabric: 120g/m2
  • Waterproof; The white PE cover allows for sun penetration and keeps plants protected from the elements
  • 4 shelves; 4 powder coated wire shelves are the perfect place to grow seedlings
  • Durable; This mini greenhouse is constructed using powder coated steel frames
  • Portable mini greenhouse; Easy to construct and take down as and when you need it
  • Guarantee; This mini greenhouse has a 12-month guarantee

Available on Amazon now

Walk-in Mini Greenhouse


This is the next step up from a tiered greenhouse; you get double tiers and you can walk inside.  I like this version as you can easily tend to your plants even on a wet day.  These can also lean against a wall (I would actually advise this as it gives more support), so again, don’t take up to much room.

The extra space in this version means you can keep all your gardening equipment together, I store bags of compost on the bottom shelves (this also helps o weigh the greenhouse down, again giving it more support), and there is even enough space to hold pots, spades, watering cans etc.


Product description:

How to Start a Garden of Your Own?
If the weather is not kind to your flowers, pests and birds wander around, or you are still getting the hang of gardening, bring the YOUKE greenhouse home – it will be a great start for sheltering your flowers, plants, or vegetables from wind, rain, frost, pests, or even your dogs and cats.


  • GROW! GROW! GROW! It’s a paradise for houseplants – the sun shines through the cover, the air is humid and warm, pests can’t get close, and your plants grow happily in this greenhouse all year-long
  • Size: 56”x28”x77”, 143*73*195CM
  • Ideal for giving seedlings and young plants an early start, plant protection, and ensuring improved growth.
  • Product material: high-quality PVC, corrosion-resistant, and durable.
  • WHAT YOU GET: A greenhouse, robust PE cover, roll-up doors, zips, straightforward instructions for easy assembly, reliable customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee


Available on Amazon now

Hexagon Walk-in Greenhouse


If you have the space and are becoming a more serious gardener, this is the greenhouse for you!  Out of them all, this was my favourite.  It is even more spacious than it looks; you can easily fit a chair or two inside, perfect to sit and chill with a coffee while you admire all your plants.
I grew fruit and veg in my mine along with housing some houseplants.  It was perfect for a few strawberry plants, some tomatoes and peppers as well as runner beans.  I kept orchids and african violets and also had a few hanging plants such as string of pearls which I hung in Macrame plant pots from the poles.

Product description:

Extend your seeding and growing season with this walk-in green house from Outsunny. The greenhouse allows a head start for growing your plants helping them survive abuse from various seasons. The steel frame is durable, maintenance fee and rust-resistant allowing peace of mind and concentrate on your plants. The screen ventilation helps air allowing and reduce internal temperature on warm days.


The walk-in greenhouse is an ideal way to carry on your plant growing from one season to another.
Designed of 15 wired shelves, 3 tiers to allow more room for plant storage.
Ideal for extending your seeding and growing season.
Designed with Zipped roll-up door for easier access, rust-resistant tube frame for stability and screened ventilation for improved air circulation
Includes Stakes and tether for better stability.

  • Designed with zipper Door for easy access, rust-resistant steel tube for stability and screened ventilation.
  • 15 Wired Shelves on 3 Tiers allowing more space for planting.
  • Includes ground stakes and tethers for added stability.
  • Ideal for early seeding and improved plant growth.
  • Overall Size: 194 x 225H cm. Assembly Required.

Available on Amazon now


Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Okay, so technically this is not really a mini greenhouse but I thought I would include it as an option because they are great value for money compared to replacing the plastic type ones (which on average only last two to three years max).  They are a permanent greenhouse without having to build foundations etc.
These greenhouses have all the benefits of a ‘proper’ greenhouse, such as a window for ventilation, a sliding door for ease of entering, durability.

Product description:

This polycarbonate greenhouse is a great garden building, perfect for growing a wide range of vegetables. This spacious greenhouse has a strong aluminium frame which has been coated in green or silver paint for a stylish finish. The aluminium frame has been treated so it is extra strong and resistant to corrosion. This greenhouse has a sliding door which provides a great access and also saves space in your garden. This greenhouse comes with a large roof vent so you can let cool air into this greenhouse during hot summer days.

This greenhouse is glazed with polycarbonate glazing which is a great alternative to glass. Polycarbonate is a plastic compound used in greenhouses because it is safe, strong and beneficial to plants. Polycarbonate is much safer than glass because it is 100% shatterproof. This makes it much safer for gardens used by children and pets. Polycarbonate also protects plants from harmful UV rays and burning in hot summer rays. This greenhouse is perfect for any garden providing a useful space to grow a variety of plants.

Each greenhouse has twin-wall, eco-friendly 4mm thick polycarbonate glazing for an insulated environment. The free running, sliding door means space inside the constructions can be maximized and integral gutters help collect rainwater that can be used at your convenience. There is also a heavy-duty galvanised zinc steel base to provide extra strength. All packs include fixtures, fittings and assembly instructions.

Dimensions: Width: 6′ 2″ (1.89m), Depth: 4′ 3″ (1.31m), Height: 6′ 6″ (2.01m).


  • New and improved instruction manual for 2018, integrated rain gutters for water collection and roof window for ventilation
  • Strong frame; Made from durable, rustproof aluminium that is low maintenance and doesn’t require paint or treatment
  • Glass-free; Lightweight yet strong 4-millimetre UV twin wall polycarbonate panels provide excellent heat retention and diffuse even sunlight
  • Sliding door; The sliding door design wont slam shut in strong winds and maximizes usable space
  • Installation video; Please watch our helpful installation video on our website, to guide you step by step through the installation of your greenhouse

Available on Amazon now

So which houseplants would thrive in a greenhouse?

Some houseplants may not thank you for subjecting them to direct sun or to the temperature fluctuations of a greenhouse.  Full sun during the day will provide a hot and humid environment that some plants love…but many plants will not.  Also, the night-time temperature will dip much lower than it would inside your house so you need to consider this when deciding which plants you are intending to place inside your greenhouse.

Plants that will do well in a greenhouse include sun-loving plants such as succulents and cacti (if the door is kept open during the day to reduce humidity), plus other heat loving plants such as geraniums or jasmine (as long as there is some shade during the day).  You could even grow your own lemon tree or bog plant such as a venus fly trap or a pitcher plant.  And of course, you could grow your own fruit and veggies such as tomatoes and courgettes.  There are lots of houseplants you could place in your mini greenhouse, just check out their requirements in terms of sunlight, heat and humidity first.
If you can, place the greenhouse somewhere that doesn’t get full sun all day, constant full sun could burn your poor plants. And don’t forget to open the door during the day to allow air to circulate.
Even if your mini greenhouse receives too much sunlight for certain plants, you could still bring them out for a few hours a day to get a boost of light.  I did this with my fiddle leaf fig; it wasn’t growing much due to poor lighting inside so I brought it out to my hexagon greenhouse for an hour or two each day and it started growing almost immediately.  There are lots of houseplants that would benefit from a day trip to your mini greenhouse.

Final thoughts:

Mini greenhouses are a great way to boost your houseplants; extra light and heat can really promote their growth.  You can bring your plants out from the end of spring to the end of summer then gradually bring them back inside for the winter.  They are also a great way to increase your plant collection, propagation is likely to be much more successful.  There is plenty of variety of mini greenhouses, so you can be sure to find one to suit your needs.


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