Crystals and plants

Plants love crystals!  Yes, those pretty gemstones that you can buy to ordain your home or even wear as jewellery have healing properties that can aid your houseplants.  There are so many uses for crystals but you probably didn’t think of using them for your garden or for your houseplants.   The presence of crystals has a healing effect on plants and can encourage them to grow.  You can place crystals next to your plants or in their pots for maximum effect.  Cleanse and charge your crystals as you usually would, then program them to nourish your plants.  You can also wear crystals while you water and tend to plants and you can place them in your watering can for an hour or so before watering your plants.


My top 5 crystals for boosting your houseplants are:

moss agate, moonstone, green aventurine, tigers eye, and malachite.


Moss agate – known as the gardeners stone, this crystal is said to have magical effects on agriculture!  Its low vibration balances and stabilizes plants.  This is a good one to place inside plant pots or even buried near plants roots.


Moonstone – connects to the energies of the moon which are associated with fertility and the cycles of life.  It is a very restorative crystal.  Place near your plants or with new seedlings to encourage growth.


Green aventurine – carries a strong connection to Earth.  It can help us tune out and connect to nature, it is a great stone to carry while you are tending to your plants.


Tigers eye – a grounding, earthing stone, associated with strength and known for its healing qualities.  Place with your plants to channel that energy into healing ailing plants.


Malachite – known as the stone of transformation, this crystal is perfect for energizing your plants and encouraging growth.

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Here is a money plant enjoying the afternoon sun surrounded by crystals.  Money plants (also known as jade plant, lucky plant or money tree) are said to bring good fortune to their owner.  As a money tree grows, the abundance of leaves is said to reflect the owners growing good fortune.  It is said to be especially lucky to place a money tree by your front door.  There is a saying “Jade by the door, poor no more”.  Try placing a money plant with a citrine crystal in its pot by your main entrance for a double boost of abundance; citrine is known for its powers to attract wealth, prosperity and success.  It is also a good crystal for cleansing and energizing plants, so this combination will have the added bonus of the crystal maintaining the plant as well as boosting your wealth.



Lucky bamboo has been used as a symbol of good fortune for centuries.  It is a fascinating plant that can be trained to grow in interesting and unusual shapes.  Unlike other plants, it doesn’t need soil to grow, it can be can be grown in simply a few centimeters of water!  It’s a great houseplant for beginners as it is very easy-going to care for.

In terms of Feng Shui, it is said to bring positive energy into the home and good luck to its owner.  Place stalks in a jar or vase with pebbles at the bottom to cover the plants roots (you could add a small crystal for extra luck , just make sure it is compatible with water) and fill with around 4 to 5 cms of water.



The number of stalks in a bamboo arrangement are said to represent different meanings.  One stalk represents simplicity and good fortune, two stalks symbolizes luck and love in marriage, three stalks represents happiness, four stalks are almost never seen placed together, according to Chinese culture the number four can draw negative energy to your home.  Five stalks symbolize academic achievement or creativity, seven represent health, eight wealth, nine overall good fortune, ten completion and twenty-one is considered the most powerful combination of all; tremendous health, wealth and abundance.




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